Why an Aluminum Patio Cover?

1. Durability
The aluminum we use does not shred under heavy winds, rain or snow. Our material is high-quality aluminum that will never crack. We offer one of the strongest and most thorough paint warranties in the business. Aluminum awnings also withstand immense heat and do not promote mold and mildew growth, so it never rust.

2. Low Maintenance
Thanks to special aluminum paint surface, the awning is extremely low maintenance. Water drains easily from the awnings and takes dirt, leaves and debris with it.

Visit Care & Maintenance to know how to maintain your project.

3. Chilly in Summer
Our material has insulating layers to absorb heat and promote cooler temperatures in the shades.

4. Enhance the design of your house
Patio covers made by aluminum structures enhance the design and therefore, the value of your house. Our material provider Alumawood, has a variety of colors, designs and styles to create a totally different look for you home. Patio aluminum awnings come in different colors to complement the roof, brick or siding, and they provide added functionality with various attachments such as skylights and ceiling fans.

5. Custom-built Awnings
Our awnings are custom-fit, no matter the patio size. We can build from a patio area to a side driveway entrance; from a stairwell to a carport for your vehicle.

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