Pergolas are the best option to upgrade the beauty of your home or business. They can be installed with varying degrees of shade and they integrate seamlessly with your home’s shape. Look like wood without the worry and upkeep. You can combine pergola with solid patio covers to add an element of sunlight. Made from high quality material, no warping, cracks, splitting, rotting or bugs. Customized designs and colors for your needs.


They provide you full shade and rain or snow protection. Look like wood without the worry and upkeep and they integrate seamlessly with your home’s shape. Customized designs and colors for your needs and can be combined with Lattice Patio Covers. All the awnings have limited lifetime warranty. There are different styles of solid patio covers:


This is the most economical panel but it’s also the strongest. Customers usually choose this type of panel for carports and businesses.


That panel is made with similar material to the V-panel but the finishing gives you more stylish shape.

IRP (Insulated Roof Panel)

The insulated roof panel offers maximum coverage and protects you and your family from the elements year round. It has foam inside the aluminum roof panels. That foam insulation helps to reduce the noise of rain, hail, and helps to decrease heat. It is the highest quality panel and the customers choose it for sunrooms and patios.


First, you need to choose the style of panel you want. Then, we make the Newport style. After, you can customized it with lights trips, post lights, fans, switches, and plugs.


For protection of RV, vehicles, and boats. The structure can be freestanding or annexed to a wall.


To protect the stairwell from snow and rain. It provides a safe walkaway.


We create patio/stairwell covers and carports for mobile homes.